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The Vancouver-based company, built an app by a stay-at-home dad, ranks first on the US App Store and Play Store 

Newsly is an Audio Supper App that allows you to listen to topical news and podcasts. “Stop Scrolling - Start Listening” is  Newsly’s slogan.  

The app picks up top trending web articles about topics you choose and reads them in a natural-sounding human voice. It also has digital radio and podcasts from all around the world in various languages. It's an extremely popular app among hundreds of quality podcasters who are being featured on Newsly. 

The founder Yoni Tzafrir was looking for personalized news to listen to rather than read. “Having four kids at home, while I was cooking and doing other household chores as a stay-at-home dad, and was looking to listen to personalized news without spending time scrolling and looking for specific topics. I couldn’t find anything available, so I created one” says Tzafrir. 

His role as a stay-at-home dad came after many years of working in hardware and software development. Tzafrir built his first website using HTML on Geocities when he was a teenager. Living with his family in Vancouver, his venture made it to be part of the UBC accelerator. He developed Newsly with the help of grad students from UBC and SFU.

Today, Newsly ranks 1st on US App Store and Play Store when searching “Listen to News”. The number of users is growing rapidly. This must be one of the best applications of 2023 for news- consumers and audio listeners.

Stop Scrolling Start Listening


What’s next? 

Newsly will greatly benefit from the recent development in Artificial Intelligence. “It opens endless possibilities for topical content creation and news summary. We already work on providing higher quality text-to-speech and transcribe options, and currently have more partnership and investors’ opportunities“ says the founder.

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