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1. SEO - Automated Blog Content Writer

​Our most popular service for businesses - an automatic SEO optimization tool.
Rather than hiring a full-time content writer, as well as paying for other tools, you can get an affordable automatic API that generates the latest trending content from the web for your website, based on the topics of your site, or keywords that you intend to rank for. The best search engine marketing tool by far.

2.  Text to Speech - Speechify Your Content

Get your website content or blog its audible version. This is now becoming a standard for most leading websites, giving your users more options and dimensions for consuming your content. Allow your users to listen everywhere to your content with a variety of the best voices, from different languages. Newsly highly popular voice generator is ready for your needs. TTS reader on your own website.

3.  Speech to Text - Speech Recognition

Podcasters and video creators can use the Newsly audio to text converter to create transcripts and captions for their content. Sound to text is also a popular solution amongst content creators and academics.

4.  Translate - To and From Any Language

Translate your website, blog content or any content from any language to any language. Start now.

5.  Newsly Computing Services

All your IT services in one place we can build and store your application, or you can build it yourself: virtual machine servers, scalable servers with access to computing, storage, redundancy, ports, security and database. Additional services like load balancing and creating your own APIs, event-driven services virtual private networks. Self-served or managed web applications, Newsly will make it happen.

Additional services: real-time data, video and audio streaming, blockchain applications, AR/VR and ML applications.

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