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Top Trending News Of 2021

1. Alec Baldwin didn’t know that the weapon was loaded

On the set of his movie, (RUST) An assistant director unknowingly gave Alec Baldwin a loaded weapon - claiming it was safe to use in the moments before the actor shot a cinematographer.

In reality, the gun was loaded with live rounds and the trigger pulled by Baldwin on the set killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza.

As soon as the Santa Fe Country Sheriff’s Office obtained the warrant, the next day, they chose to investigate the ranch outside Santa Fe where the shooting took place. The things investigated include Baldwin’s blood-stained costume for the film “Rust”, the weapon that was fired, ammunition, and the footage that might exist.

As per the records, there were three guns on the set that were placed by film’s armorer Hannah Gutierrez. Assistant director Dave Halls was the person who handed the gun to Baldwin, who was unaware that it was loaded.

There is no clarification as to how many rounds were fired. Gutierrez turned in the weapon to the police when they arrived. The associated press could not connect with Gutierrez, and several messages sent to production companies connected with the film were not answered.

Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor, was the one who called 911. She even narrated to the Associated Press, “This woman is gone at the beginning of her career. She was an extraordinarily rare, very rare woman.”

Baldwin narrated his grief for Halyna and her loved ones for what happened with Halyana in a tragic accident.

There were no immediate charges filed on Baldwin.

2. Colin Powell, the first black secretary of state of the United States, died of Covid-19 complications while battling cancer.

Colin Powell, the first Black US Secretary who helped shape American foreign policy passed away due to Covid 19 while being fully vaccinated. Powell had multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells, making him extremely immunocompromised.

Powell was a brilliant and pioneering professional soldier whose career led him from combat action in Vietnam to being Ronald Reagan's first Black national security advisor and President George H.W. Bush's youngest and first African American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the aftermath of the US-led coalition victory in the Gulf War, his national popularity rose, and he was considered a top contender to become the first Black President of the United States for a period in the mid-1990s. But, as George W. Bush's first secretary of state, he blemished his record by presenting erroneous intelligence to the United Nations to argue for the Iraq War, which he subsequently called a "blot" on his record.

Powell, Bush said in a statement on Monday, was a kind man "He was such a favorite of Presidents that he got the Presidential Medal of Freedom twice," he added. He was well-liked both at home and abroad. Most importantly, Colin was a husband, father, and friend."

Powell never campaigned for president, but when he became Bush's secretary of state in 2001, he became the country's highest-ranking Black public figure, ranking fourth in the presidential line of succession.

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Powell remarked of his historic nomination, "I think it tells the world what is possible in this country." "It demonstrates to the world that if you follow our model and believe in the ideals we preach, you may see something as amazing as me sitting before you to gain your approval over time."

3. Update on Brian Laundrie: Remains discovered in a Florida park have been identified as Gabby Petito's fiancé.

Brian's parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, have been notified that the bones discovered in the reserve are certainly Brian's based on the dental records.

Laundrie was the only person of interest in his fiancée Gabby Petito's disappearance. The pair, who resided in North Port with Laundrie's parents, had spent the summer together on a cross-country road trip out west.

On Sept. 1, Laundrie came home without Petito, according to authorities. Petito was reported missing on September 11th. On Sept. 19, her corpse was discovered in Wyoming, and her death was judged a murder by manual strangulation.

On Thursday evening, Petito's attorney, Rick Stafford, replied to the announcement of the remains by saying that the family will not be making any remarks at this time.

"They are heartbroken at the loss of their lovely daughter," the statement said. "At the proper time and when they are emotionally ready, Gabby's family will make a comment."

Laundrie and his family issued a statement through their attorney shortly after police opened their investigation into Petito's disappearance, indicating that they would "stay in the background" and not speak. Petito's family retaliated by criticizing the Laundries for failing to assist.

On Sept. 17, two days after he was labelled a person of interest, Laundrie's parents reported him missing. When Laundrie's parents reported him missing, they said they last saw him leave the house on Tuesday, Sept. 14, to go on a stroll in the Carlton Reserve area.

The family's attorney then stated that after speaking with the FBI, the Laundries think their son left home on Sept. 13 to go hiking.

Following Petito's murder, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Laundrie for "use of illegal access devices," including a Capital One Bank debit card and a personal ID number for two Capital One Bank accounts.

4. Kyle Rittenhouse’ case with Jury’s involvement in it

If convicted as charged, Rittenhouse, 18, risks a life sentence in prison for killing two men and wounding a third during a night of racial injustice demonstrations in Kenosha in the summer of 2020. The former police youth cadet, like the people he shot, is Caucasian.

Prosecutors claimed Rittenhouse initiated the carnage, but he swore he acted in self-defense after being attacked. The case has sparked a national debate about weapons, demonstrations, vigilantism, and law and order in the United States.

The jury looked to be mostly made up of white people. During the jury selection process, prospective jurors were not asked to identify their ethnicity, and the court did not offer a racial breakdown.

As the jury deliberated, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, who drew criticism for his response to the Kenosha demonstrations in 2020, encouraged calm. Last Monday, he declared that 500 soldiers of the National Guard would be ready to deploy to Kenosha if necessary.

Evers wrote, "Regardless of the decision, in this case, I encourage peace in Kenosha and across our state." "In every neighbourhood, I implore all individuals who want to congregate and use their First Amendment rights to do so securely and peacefully," he continued.

The judge told reporters that he was inclined to let the jurors determine how late in the day they wanted to deliberate and that he would give the press media about an hour to go to court after the panel had made a decision.

Prosecutor Thomas Binger stated during closing arguments on Nov 12, 2021, that Rittenhouse started the tragic sequence of events by bringing a semi-automatic gun to a rally and threatening others, then walking away like a "hero in a Western."

However, Rittenhouse's lawyer, Mark Richards, said that Rittenhouse was accosted by a "crazy individual" who he thought would take his pistol and murder him.

Rittenhouse, then 17, had travelled to Kenosha from Antioch, Illinois, in an attempt to safeguard property from riots in the days following the shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake, by a white Kenosha police officer.

Rittenhouse was "looking for trouble that night," according to Binger, who repeatedly showed the jury drone video of Rittenhouse aiming his rifle toward protestors.

"This is the provocation," says the narrator. The prosecutor remarked, "This is what starts this event." "You lose your right to self-defense when you're the one who brings the gun when you're the one who creates the threat when you're the one who provokes other people," he said.

Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, were slain by Rittenhouse, who also injured Gaige Grosskreutz, now 28.

Rittenhouse stated that Rosenbaum followed him down and grabbed his weapon in self-defense, evidence that was substantially backed by video and several of the prosecution's own witnesses.

Huber was shot and killed after being caught on film assaulting Rittenhouse with a skateboard. Grosskreutz also stated that when he was shot, he had his gun pointing at Rittenhouse.

To accept Rittenhouse's claim of self-defense, the jury must conclude that he felt there was an illegal danger to him and that the level of force he used was reasonable and necessary, according to Schroeder's instructions to the jury.

5. Facebook Is now Meta

CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched Meta on Oct. 28, 2021, at Connect 2021, a new business brand that unifies our applications and technology. Meta's mission will be to bring the metaverse to life by assisting individuals in connecting, forming communities, and expanding their enterprises.

The metaverse will resemble a mix of today's online social experiences, stretched into three dimensions or projected into the real world at times. It will allow you to enjoy immersive experiences with others even when you are unable to be physically there with them — and to accomplish things together that you would not be able to do in the actual world. It's the next step in a long series of social technology, and it marks the start of a new era for our business.

Our annual Connect conference brings together developers, content producers, marketers, and others to celebrate the industry's energy and progress. This year's virtual event looked at how people would interact in the metaverse over the next ten years, from social interaction to entertainment, gaming, fitness, employment, education, and business. We also revealed new tools to assist individuals in creating for the metaverse, such as the Presence Platform, which will allow new mixed reality experiences on Quest 2, as well as a $150 million investment in immersive learning to teach the next generation of artists.

6. Travis Scott Went on performing as he was not aware of the situation at the Astroworld Festival Concert

At least eight people, including minors, died following a wild crowd rush onto a stage where the rapper was playing at Houston's Astroworld Festival on Nov. 05, 2021, according to Travis Scott and his partner Kylie Jenner.

Jenner, the cosmetics tycoon, and reality TV star said they didn't find out about the deaths until after the episode had aired.

Scott's concert went on despite cries for aid from the audience, eventually coming to a halt around an hour later, with some concertgoers crying for help and attempting to convince officials to stop the show. As the music continued to play and the Apple Music live feed persisted, attendees characterized the mayhem as "hell" and "partying in a graveyard."

Jenner, 24, who is expecting the couple's second child, posted on her Instagram story that the loss of life had left her and Scott "broken and saddened," and that they were praying for those "hurt or affected."

Jenner stated that they "weren't aware of any fatalities until the news came out after the event," adding that they "weren't aware of any fatalities until the news came out after the show." If they had been completely aware of the degree of pandemonium erupting within the 50,000-person throng, Jenner writes, "filming" and "performance" would not have proceeded.

Jenner received backlash on social media after sharing video footage from the performance on Instagram, which included an ambulance attempting to weave its way through the throng to aid individuals in need of medical attention.

Scott, through social medias even showed his grief for what took place.

7. Talibani occupied Afghanistan

The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan just two weeks before the United States is supposed to end its two-decade war in the country.

As Afghan security personnel trained and equipped by the US and its allies faded away, the insurgents rushed over the nation, taking all major cities in a couple of days.

The Taliban, a terrorist organization that ruled Afghanistan in the late 1990s, has reclaimed power. The rebels were driven out of power by the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, but they never departed. The Western-backed administration that had ruled the nation for 20 years crumbled after a recent blitz across the country. Afghans rushed to the airport, one of the final exit ways out of the country, fearful of the future. Thousands of Afghans flocked to the Kabul airport, trying to flee the country's Taliban authority.

Some people were so desperate that they clung to the side of a military plane as it took off, only to die when it crashed. To disperse the masses, US forces utilized helicopters and sprayed warning rounds into the air. According to US sources, at least seven individuals were killed in the pandemonium.

Most likely the Taliban was taking over because US forces were scheduled to leave at the end of the month. For some years, the United States has been attempting to exit Afghanistan, its longest conflict.

When American soldiers entered to root out al-Qaida, which coordinated the 9/11 attacks while being sheltered by the Taliban, they did it in a couple of months. Holding land and rebuilding a country devastated by wars proved more challenging. As the United States' emphasis went to Iraq, the Taliban regrouped and, in recent years, gained control of most of Afghanistan's countryside.

8. Elon Musk became the richest person in the world

In the year 2021, Elon Musk's worth reached approximately $200 billion, thanks to a surge in Tesla shares, which made him the world's richest person.

In the competition of the world’s richest person, Musk defeated Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos. The surge in Tesla’s share and fall in amazon’s share made a little difference between the worth of both tycoons and which made Musk ahead in the competition.

At the beginning of the year 2021, musk entered the list of richest persons in the world where he was very far from jeff Bezos. Going ahead in the year, hike in tesla’s share and SpaceX removed the huge gap between the two mentioned above.

9. Joe Biden became the President of the U.S.

Joe Biden's term as the 46th President of the United States began on January 20, 2021, with his inauguration. Biden, a Delaware Democrat who previously served as Vice President under Barack Obama, gained office after defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. He was sworn in with Kamala Harris, the first African American, first Asian-American, and first woman vice president. Biden took office in the midst of a COVID-19 epidemic, an economic downturn, and growing political conflict.

Biden made an effort on the first day of his presidency to reverse President Trump's energy policies by reinstating US participation in the Paris Agreement and withdrawing the Keystone XL pipeline permission. He also put a stop to Trump's border wall, which is an extension of the Mexican border wall. He issued a series of executive measures on his second day to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, including invoking the Defense Production Act of 1950 and set an early target of attaining one hundred million COVID-19 vaccines in the United States within his first 100 days. Efforts to impeach him have been made, but they have not received widespread congressional support.

Looking at the situation in the year 2021, especially because of the Pandemic put a lot of burden on the solder of Joe Biden at the starting of his presidency.

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