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4 Reasons Why You Should Download Newsly

Newsly is a unique mobile application that allows users to listen to the articles of their choice by gathering trending topics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may be thinking to yourself, what makes Newsly so special? Why should I download the mobile app when I can just read the news and topics that I want to on my computer or phone? While this is true, and you could opt for the traditional practice of reading the news on your phone, tablet or paper that is delivered to your home, why do the work of searching for information or waiting for it to be delivered to you when Newsly does it for you?

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should download the Newsly app and how you may benefit from some of its unique features:

  1. It's Convenient. Are you someone who is constantly on the go? Do you enjoy reading topical content, such as the latest innovations in the tech world or celebrity gossip, but don't have time? Are you finding that your busy schedule is getting in the way of your ability to learn about the topics affecting the world today? Newsly users can take the app with them anywhere they go and use it at any time. Have a long commute home or looking for something to entertain yourself while washing the dishes, cleaning the house, or working out? Newsly reads the articles of your choice to you so that you don't have to. With Newsly, you don't have to compromise your learning because you don't have enough time or the resources to help you. Learn on the go with Newsly and never miss a major moment in society.

  2. 85 Percent of Our Learning Is Derived from Listening. Okay, here me out for a second. I know what you're probably thinking: you can't learn or retain as much information by listening to something as you can when reading it. The International Listening Association revealed that we learn more from listening than we may realize. Listening to an audiobook, podcast, news article, etc., can help us better retain the information that we are being presented with than if we were to read it. With Newsly, you can learn more about the topics you are interested in and more easily retain the information.

  3. It's Accessible To All. The text-to-speech algorithm that Newslys uses allows all users to have equal access to the news articles and topics they are interested in. Approximately 15-20% of the world's population struggle with some type of language-based learning disability. By reading articles to the user in a natural, human voice, individuals who would struggle from reading these same articles can still access the information, but in a format that better suits their needs. Research also revealed that text-to-speech technology can significantly benefit dyslexic individuals. By listening to topics of interest, dyslexic individuals can still learn about the information they are interested in, which will encourage them to engage in reading for pleasure rather than see it as a challenge they must overcome.

  4. It's Adaptive To Different Learning Styles. Are you an auditory learner? Or do you learn better by reading? Newsly gives users the best of both worlds. While the app's main feature is its ability to translate text-to-speech and read information, users also have the option to press the link of an article and read it on its original site.

Have we convinced you to start using the Newsly app? If so, download the app today and start learning in a way that is accessible and convenient for you!

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Rachel Green
Rachel Green


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