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Why it is much more than 'great'

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

From the first moment Newsly was founded, we knew we had something ‘great’. However, only after academic institutions started knocking on our doors (literally!) for wanting to co-operate, we understood that we may have something which can be considered ‘insanely great’. In the next 2020/2021 academic year, Newsly has been chosen to do joint ventures with not one, not two, but Six courses in 6 different academic institutions across North America, both Canada and U.S., both East-Coast and West-Coast. Some of those academic institutions are among the top-ranking universities in the world, such as UBC, and some are of a smaller size. Sometimes the most creative individuals can come from a small and less known institution. Such a collage is Green River College at Auburn, Washington, United States. Their feedback, besides making us full of vim and vigour, proved us once more that Newsly revolutionary ideas are inflaming the imagination of the young generation.

Besides North America, we would love to do some projects with academic institutions in other parts of the world, so please don’t be coy and reach out to us. If you are not from academia, you REALLY want to sign up on our website. Trust us on this. What are you waiting for (

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